Who Makes The Best Looper Pedals?

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Just like it’s the case with most things, not all looper pedals feature the same level of performance nor quality. Over the years some brands have pushed through to reach the top and have since become trusted names in the business. With that said, there are also some new companies who are delivering great products in an effort to break into the market.

From our point of view as customers, we need to figure out who will give us the best bang for the buck. That is exactly what this article is going to be about. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best looper pedal brands on the market, and see what they offer. Some of these will cost more than others, but how that influence the performance? Let’s dig right in.

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boss-300x300Most of your probably expected Boss to appear on this list, and for a good reason too. They have been and still are among the top guitar effects manufacturers in the world. Needless to say, looper pedals are also a part of their lineup. The range of Boss looper pedals goes from pretty simple models like RC-1 Loop Station, to complete processors like RC-300 that are packed with many other features as well. The defining attribute of the Boss lineup is reliability.

Their pedals are just built like tanks, and that goes for loopers as well. If you need a pedal that simply works, Boss has you covered. While they might not have the best models in every category, a lot of people choose Boss because it’s one of the biggest names in the industry. That brings a sense of security that not many companies can offer. So if you want a proven choice, Boss is definitely the way to go.


Electro-Harmonix-300x300We got another pretty big authority in the world effects pedals. While they are not on the same level as Boss, Electro-Harmonix is still a name you can trust. Their looper pedals deliver a very consistent performance that comes in various different shapes and forms. Anything from simple loopers to more advanced ones can be found in their lineup.

If you need a great price to performance ratio, Electro-Harmonix is the brand to go with. They offer more affordable models that are still up there in terms of quality. Some specific models that come to mind are Nano Looper 360 on the low end of the scale, and 22500 Looper unit on the upper end.

Line 6

Line-6-300x300There is a lot of misconception being flung around when it comes to Line 6 and their product. Many are considering them as the cheap option that doesn’t really offer good performance. Truth is that Line 6 definitely delivers a lot of quality products. In respect to looper pedals, they currently produce one of the most used models on the market.

Their Line 6 DL4 is the go-to looper for a number of famous musicians. Line 6 and their straight forward approach to things they make has made them a real contender on the market. They offer a lot of good stuff at affordable prices.


DigiTech-300x300Similar to Boss, DigiTech is also one name that you can count on finding in just about any effects pedal related list. Their looper pedals are about as good as they come, with a huge range of models to choose from. The level of quality and amount of features DigiTech offers with their products is praiseworthy by all accounts.

One of the most popular models in their lineup is the DigiTech Jamman which is probably among the most versatile looper pedals you find at the moment. It offers memory expansion, reverse playback and more. DigiTech is definitely a company you should have on your must-buy list when shopping for these effects pedals.

TC Electronics

TC-Electronic-300x300This company is probably not all that familiar to most guitar players. However, they are a big player when it comes to looper pedals. What really placed them within the top 10 are their cheap, simple but effective models that many have grown to love over the years. One model that comes to mind is the Ditto Looper. A compact and simple pedal that gets the job done.


Looper pedals are an amazing tool that every guitar player should have in their toolbox. The brands we showed you in this article are definitely among the top 10. Finding the right looper for you will largely depend on your own requirements.

You can read more about that in our article here ‘5 Things To Consider When Buying a Looper Pedal’. The truth is that no matter what you need, these brands will have something that will have your back. There’s a reason why most guitar players trust names like Boss or Electro-Harmonix. That trust has been earned over decades of use.

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